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Maryland Department Of Agriculture

Pesticide Business License No. 30862

Because you have reached our website, you must be searching for professional pest control services that are affordable, yet effective with top-notch customer service. Well, look no further! At B & R, we pride ourselves on delivering all of this and much more to our customers!

Our small veteran owned & operated company can deliver the same pest management treatments as some of the larger corporations do, all while costing you less. The reason being is because we don’t have as much overhead as the larger companies. Thus allowing us to pass some of the savings on to you, our customers.

B & R offers pest control services for a variety of pests such as ants, wasps, ground bees, roaches, squirrels, raccoons, opossums, skunks, crack grass, broad leaf weeds in your lawn, geese, deer, groundhogs, bats, beavers and many others. In many cases I have seen people attempting to remedy their own pest issues but just can’t quite get the job done. Often B & R makes recommendations as a consultant to the average home/business owner that can help them avoid costly pest control services right from the beginning. Our consultation services unfortunately are not free, but will result in tremendous savings long term.

B & R believes in educating customers in common IPM (Integrated Pest Management) this is a way of doing things to prevent and/or limit activity of the nuisance pest from the beginning. With some ongoing effort from the customer, most people can gain control of their own problem, however if it should become uncontrollable that’s when they need to call a professional. The good thing about calling B & R is that you will have the owner of the company responding. I could only wish that every time I experienced a plumbing, HVAC or electrical issue that I could’ve had the company owner show up and do the work !

If you think you may have a pest issue or simply just want to ask us a question that your not quite sure about…. remember we are just a phone call away.

B & R Wildlife Control Providing Pest Control Services

Military, Veterans, Federal & State employees, FOP/EMT personnel and Seniors receive a 20% discount on any of our services.

Must have valid ID card.

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